Terms and Conditions - Cancellation Policy

Dwelling is Private Property: The property will be used only as a private dwelling for the use of Rental Guest.   There shall be no subletting of the premises. The Rental Guest shall occupy and use the premises as a vacation rental only and not use the premises for any business, professional, unlawful or hazardous purpose. 
Accommodations: All homes are equipped with Central Air Conditioning, Utilities, High Speed Wireless Internet Access for uses by the Rental Guest’s Personal Devices (cell phone, notebook, laptops).  Gourmet Kitchen, Range, Microwave Oven, Dishwasher, Refrigerator / Freezer, Ice Maker, Cooking Utensils, Plates, Toaster, Coffee Maker, Bowls, Silverware, Pots and Pans, Clothes Washer & Clothes Dryer.  
Homeowner’s Association (Association) Rules: Rental Guest understands that they are in a home governed by the Community Homeowners’ Association (HOA) Covenants.  By staying at in a home in the community,  the Rental Guest agrees that (i) everyone in their rental group will abide by all provisions of the Declaration, The Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of the Association and the Community Clubhouse and (ii) Agrees that the Association shall have the right, in addition to all other rights provided by the Act and any other applicable Laws, to terminate the lease (without any refund to the Rental Guest) upon default by the Rental Guest in observing any of the provisions of the Declaration, Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws and Rules.  A copy of the current Community and Clubhouse Rules will be provided with your Rental Agreement two weeks prior to your arrival.  A full copy of the Declaration of Covenants and Bylaws can be provided upon request. 
  • The minimum age of the lead renter must be 25 years old. They must sleep over every night and take legal responsibility for the actions of everyone in the group. 
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Property.
  • Pets are strictly prohibited in and around the property. (Unless otherwise specified) 
  • The property has a stated maximum overnight occupancy restriction including children.  Rental Guest agrees not to exceed the stated maximum overnight occupancy. 
  • Absolutely No Senior Week, Student Celebrations, or Loud Parties. 
  • Rental Guest agrees that breaking any of these five (5) rules is a violation of their agreement and can result in eviction from the premises with forfeiture of all monies paid.
Arrival/Departure Times:   
  • Check-In Time:     4:00 PM or Later 
  • Check-Out Time:  10:00 AM 
Parking: Rental Guest agrees to comply with all parking rules and regulations as stated in the rental agreement.  
Prohibited Vehicles: Campers, boats, trailers, or other oversized vehicles are not permitted. 
Linens Package Option: Pillows, comforters, and mattress covers are provided in the home.  However, bed sheets, pillowcases and bath towels are NOT automatically included.  For your convenience, Bethany Beach Home Rentals offers an optional Home Linens Package. The Linens Package is specific to your home and will include bath towels, bed sheets, and bathmats delivered to your home prior to your arrival. Rental Guests can also choose not to purchase the package and bring or rent their own linens.
Outdoor Monitoring: The home may have an outdoor and/or garage security camera and/or video doorbell installed outside of the living space.  These monitoring devices are for security purposes only.  
SMS Messages: By Completing the Booking of a Vacation Home with Bethany Beach Home Rentals you consent to having SMS Messages sent, for reservation information purposes only, to the cell phone number that has been provided in the reservation. 
Hold Harmless and Indemnity: Property Manager of rental property and owner of property shall not be liable for any damages and/or injury to Rental Guest and/or their guest(s), or their personal property due to Rental Guests acts, actions or neglect. Rental Guest agrees to hold the Owner and Property Manager harmless against any claim for damage and/or injury due to Rental Guests act or neglect or their guests’ act or neglect.  The Property Manager is not responsible for any actions of other property owners or the Homeowners Association (HOA). 
Quiet Enjoyment: Rental Guest and their guests agree not to violate quiet enjoyment and privacy of the surrounding neighbors. Property Manager and owner are not responsible for the actions of other property owners in the area, as we have no control over their actions. Community Quiet Time is from 10:00pm to 8:00am.
Weather, Acts of God: Property Manager is not responsible for any weather conditions or acts of God or nature that happen during Rental Guests stay on premises and no refunds will be made. 
Unforeseen Conditions: If any unforeseen conditions or problems with the home arise prior to or during TENANTS stay, OWNER reserves the right to either refund TENANTS payment pro-rate or place TENANT in a comparable house with the same amenities, bedroom, etc... Such unforeseen conditions could be the following but are not limited to hurricanes, storms, vandalism, flood, HOA rules, etc. OWNER assumes no responsibility for such unforeseen conditions. 
Access: Rental Guest agrees to allow access to the house and property to Property Manager or Owner and his agents upon 4 hours’ notice by telephone or in person. Agents include but are not limited to plumbers, electricians, rental companies, pest inspection, etc. The Property Manager reserves the right to inspect the premises and home interior upon 4 hours’ notice to Rental Guest. Rental Guest agrees not to deny access. If Rental Guest refuses to allow access to Property manager or any agent designated by Property Manager, the Property Manager reserves the right to terminate the Tenant's vacation rental and Tenant will immediately vacate the premises upon demand by OWNER and will forfeit the rental payment. 
Safety: Rental Guest acknowledges and agree that they are responsible for the safety of themselves, their guests and their children with respect to the pool, the deck areas, and the 
premises. Rental Guest acknowledges and agrees to hold harmless from any injuries to them or their guests. It is understood that there may not be a lifeguard and that supervision is their responsibility.   Rental Guest understands that there is no hard-wired phone (land line) inside the home and that Rental Guest is responsible for making all calls including Emergency and 911 Calls on their own phones (not provided by Owner). 
Illegal Drugs and Underage Drinking: Under no circumstances shall any illegal drugs be allowed on the property.   Rental Guest understands that possession and use of any such substance is grounds for immediate eviction and forfeiture of payment. Rental Guest further waives any and all rights to recourse against the Property Manager for enforcing this clause. Also, no illegal alcohol consumption is allowed to take place on the Property.  
Rental Guest Responsibilities: All occupants are required to perform "Normal" household duties that include, but are not limited to: 
  • Fold blankets and place them back where you found them
  • Remove all food from refrigerator and clean food spills in refrigerator and counter tops
  • Clean Coffee Maker and Coffee Pot
  • Clean Pots & Pans, Place dirty dishes in dishwasher
  • Run dishwasher if dirty dishes are in it
  • Sweep or vacuum loose sand. Empty vacuum if needed
  • Straighten up porch and patio furniture.  Place patio furniture cover back on if present.
  • Clean Outdoor Grill if used and check that the gas has been turned off.
  • Remove all trash/recycling from the home and place in Trash and Recycling Bins.
  • Do a final check around the home for personal items. (closets, under beds, in drawers, between chair/sofa cushions, on patio)  We are not responsible for items left behind
  • Close and Lock all doors and windows prior to departure 
  • Report any significant damages or issues with the property
Cleaning: The Property Manager will provide professional cleaning services prior to check-in and after check-out for the Rental Guest.  However, Rental Guest agrees to remove garbage and all belongings from property, clean food spills from refrigerator, counters, and oven top and leave property free of clutter. 
If Rental Guest has made a reservation through another website such as Vrbo, Airbnb, or Homeaway then the cancellation policy shall be the policy as noted on that website. 
If guest books directly on bethanybeachhomerentals.com website, then the following cancellation policy will apply: 
If a Guest wishes to cancel a reservation after Property Manager receives deposit, then Guest must provide a cancellation notice in writing via email/mail to Owner and has received an acknowledgement from the Owner that they have received it.  
A) A cancellation notice received by Owner sixty (60) or more days prior to the Check-in Date will receive a refund, in full minus the Customer Service Fee. 
B) If a cancellation notice is received by the Property Manager less than sixty (60) days prior to the Check-In Date but more than thirty (30) days prior to the Check-In Date, then Guest will receive a 50% refund minus the Customer Service Fee. 
C) A cancellation notice received less than thirty (30) days prior to check in is not entitled to any rental refund. 
D) The Customer Service Fee is not refundable. 
E) Travel Insurance offered by Bethany Beach Home Rentals is only refundable within the ten (10) day review period from the date of purchase. 
Lease Agreement: Please be advised that by making a reservation you are agreeing to the terms in this lease.